Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation style not working as expected...

Hi. I’m using mac and MS Word 2011 with Endnote X6.

I am trying put my paper on Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation format, using

as guide and

as endnote style.

The first problem I faced was that my references were grouped, but I unchecked the “Use one number for references always cited together”, editing the JCTS style (Citations->Numbering).

Now I have another issue. 

(The superscribe is ok.)

Guide example:

Pauling and co-workers 10,11 

My output:
Pauling and co-workers 10-11

However, if the citations are not consecutive, I get the right output, something like:

Pauling and co-workers 30,41

How should I proceed?
thanks in advance

Did you uncheck the option “Use ranges for consecutive citations (e.g., 1-3 or 1a-f)”?

Hi. Thank you for your reply!

No. 'cause I do need this option checked when I cite  doe et al. 13-16, for example.
But  doe et al. 13-14  is wrong, according to the journal guide.

Maybe its easier to just find when I cite only 2 consecutive works and manually edit.

Thanks for the information. Unfortunately, looks like you will need to manually edit those select citations to achieve numbering format that you want.

another double posted question: 

I also experienced similar things. already many ways I did. but still fail. :cry:

The shipping version of this style uses the “Composite Citations” option. Please check with the editor of the journal to see if this feature is even needed anymore. The author instructions do not mention it.

If it is not needed you can fix the range issue by de-selecting the option “Use letters to separate grouped references”. If the option is greyed out, select “Use one number for references always cited together” and you can de-select the “letters” option. Make sure to save the style and to use the modified style in your paper.

I believe the problem is they want 1-16 but not 1-2.  they want that to appear 1, 2  

The Composite Citations option indtroduced a bug that causes the ranges to not work properly when there are only two citations in the range. That is why you have to edit that portion of the output style.