How to stop import of pdfs from external folder on restart

Good morning,

I was following the instructions on this video:

Building an EndNote Library: An EndNote Class Recording by Endnote training

and saw you could create a folder with previously saved files and then use the File/Preferences/PDFHandling function to bring in those files. I did that and closed down EndNote but when I restart the software is getting stuck on the import and I cannot seem to stop the import and it will not let me use my Endnote. If I try to ‘Cancel’ it does nothing except would I like to restart the program, stop the program or wait. Its like the import is stopping anything else from working. If I try to restart the program it comes back to the stuck import function and I cannot get back into the library.

Should I uninstall and reinstall and if so, do I lose my library in the process?

Thank you!


You can save your library as a compressed file (go to the Endnote toolbar and select File >Compressed Library) then move the compressed file to a different location before uninstalling then reinstalling the software.

However, did you first check if moving the PDF import folder to a different location before starting up Endnote allows the program to run but just generate an error message about not finding the folder? If so, check at that point if you can turn off the automatic PDF importing function by going to the Endnote toolbar and selecting > Edit >Preferences >PDF Handling and uncheck the box labeled “Enable automatic PDF importing”. Then click the OK button. You can then move the PDF import folder back to its original location or create a new folder but now when you launch Endnote it won’t automatically try to import PDFs.