Endnote attempts import and crashes upon startup

Recently started trying to use EndNote for citations (EndNote X7) by request from my advisor so I am not very familiar with it.

Currently every time I start it up it tries to import files, and immediately stops responding. I recently set up an automatic import hoping it would watch a folder for new files being added, but I’m not sure if this is what is causing the issue or not. Now I can’t even change any of the setting because this import begins and EndNote freezes and says "Endnote 7.7 (Bld 9832) is not responding.

Any help would be appreciated.

I had this exact same problem today! You would think simply pressing “Cancel” would work, but that just caused the program to freeze faster.

I used a pretty simple work-around. First, close EndNote. Then, go to the folder that you told EndNote to autoimport from, and rename the folder (or move it). Now open EndNote again. You’ll get an error message that EndNote can’t find the file to import from, but after you press “Okay”, you’ll be able to use the program again. I suggest going to your preferences and either disabling the autoimport, or maybe setting up a different folder for autoimport, one that has only a subset of files (my file had a LOT of pdf’s in it, so I’m thinking that’s what caused the error, but I’m not sure).

I hope that works for you! Good luck.

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Is there something in that folder now?  – try removing it (but leave the folder).  maybe the file is corrupt and preventing endnote from reading and indexing it. renaming as tkasik suggests should work too).  You may need to call Tech support to see if they can suggest files to remove or rename to see if you can get the program to open.  www.endnote.com/support has the numbers.