Sync from iPad to web version

Hi I am a real novice I have saved about 12 more books and articles to my iPad along with file attachments. I have already other books and articles saved in endnote online version but I cannot get the iPad to sync or upload the updated version to the web version. Is this possible or does it only work the other way around. Each time I try it comes up with the message cannot sync user name and pathway not specified. Anyone help!


Syncing via EndNote for iPad and EndNote online would be a two-way street:  anything you add directly to your EndNote online library will sync down to EndNote for iPad and any reference added to EndNote for iPad will sync up to your EndNote online library.  What type of internet connection were you using when this sync error?  Can you try connecting with a different WiFi network to check whether or not the problematic behavior is network-specific?

Please let me know what you find.

Also, are you able to open the Safari app on your iPad, navigate to and log into your EndNote online account from there?