How to transfer data from Endnote 5 to new student copy of XI

I have a dead laptop with Endnote 5 data files on it. If I buy a new copy of Endnote XI, can I have the data recovered from the old laptop written with Endnote 5 and transfer it into XI?



I transfered from EN7 to X.  I think it should work from EN5 to X2 (which is the current version of EN).  If not, I am sure Tech support would help.  the things I remember, were that post EN8 uses Uni-code and pre 8 used some other format.  A few of my authors and titles with characters unusual in English, came across as boxes, rather than letters, but not many.  It wasn’t hard to clean up.  In fact most converted just fine.  The other problem was that some of the documents used the authors where EN had made a good conversion to Uni-code and those that were first authors, didn’t match.  Safest to unformat existing documents and reformat with the revised endnoteX2 and converted library.  Those that “don’t match” will come up and you can select the correct record for reinsertion. 

At least for EN7, ENX was able to unformat the documents.