How to update changed password

Hello, I recently began using Endnote and Endnote web. More recently, I have had to update all my passwords, including the password to my Endnote Web account. Now my desktop version will not sync with Endnote Web telling me that my credentials are invalid.

Here is the error display:

Sync Details

Sync was last run: Never

Sync Status: There are changes that need to be sent.

Error Code: Server.AuthenticationToken.invalidUserCredentials

Error Message: Failed: The username/password specified is not valid.

Local Sync Library

Library Name: ChemiSearch.enl

Records: 23

Groups: 2

Attachments: 24

Online Sync Library Username: (displays my username correctly)

Serial Number: Unable to contact EndNote Web.

Records: Unknown

Groups: Unknown

Attachments: Unknown

Sync Limits

Number of Records: Unknown

Number of Groups: Unknown

Number of Attachments: Unknown

Thanks in advance for any input,

Have you looked in the Endnote Edit>preferences> Sync settings?  

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However, if somebody else has this problem (and using also a new user to Mac): you go to

Endnote X7 (to the right of File) > Preferences > Sync

From there you have to change the password in two places (the first one you will see then you click on Enable and you are prompted to enter your email/pass again). 

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Hi ,

I tried the edit Preferences sync option as well but still same red error on my sync status . I changed my password and I am reentering the new one before appying still the error .

Have you tried to login from the web portal to see if it works there?  ( upper right hand corner “Login”)  

 it was a  good help … thanks…:smiley: