Syncing Endnote library with online account

When I tried to sync my Endnote library with my online Endnote Library account, I used the wrong password.  When I click on ‘Sync’ in Endnote, it won’t let me log in with the correct password…  How do I restore the connection?

Go into the endnote preferences (edit >preferences in Windows, File>preferences on the Mac) – go the Sync and you can change the password there.  

Preferences will be found under the EndNote menu on the Mac side. I would recommend then going to Sync > Enable Sync. If you re-type the password here and click OK. This will then authorize with your account. If you do not have the correct credentials, it will continue to prompt you for them. It will also include a link to “Forgot Password,” if you need to reset this. Once the correct password is entered, the application will take you back to the main Preferences. You can then click Save and close the Preferences or click OK on the Windows side. Click Tools > Sync to start the synchronization process again.

Thank you.