How to use MLA style (format not correct)

Hi, all,

I have tried to create a bibilography from my endnote, when I select all reference “copy formatted” and “paste” into a word.  The format for journal and book are correct.  But for website, the url cannot be displayed.

So i try to select all references and in a word, under Endnote tab, I choose “insert selected citation”

Url of website can be displayed but the format for journal is not correct.  No " " is found for the article title,


Ferguson, Harry. What social workers do in performing child protection work: evidence from research into face‐to‐face practice. _Child & Family Social Work_21.3 (2016): 283-294.

Please help!

Many thanks!


EndNote has several MLA styles. It sounds like you might be using MLA in EndNote which would produce a Web Page reference without the URL. In Word you might be using MLA 8th which will show the URL but is set for a Journal Article to include the No. in front of the Issue field.

You will want to edit one of the styles to change the format. You can find information on how to edit a style in our Knowledgebase

An alternative method is to change the reference type of your Endnote records from the “print” reference type (e.g., Journal Article, Book, and Book Section) to the electronic reference type: Electronic Journal Article, Electronic Book, and Electronic Book Section.

The Endnote MLA output style’s bibliography templates already include the URL field for the electronic references and seems to include the quotation marks around the Title field types so no modification is needed. However, if you find a set of quotation marks are missing from the Title field then just modify the bibliography template to include the quotation marks.