A newbie problem with endnote X3 on Word 2008 for MAC - won't instert references properly - help, please.


I just installed Endnote X3 on my iBook G4 which has Microsoft Office for MAC 2008. The first thing i had to do to get it running was to install the service pack 1 for office, now i can start Endnote with Word, but i don’t seem to know how to insert references properly. For example, i download a certain reference from the internet, with zotero and import it to endnote, and when i want to add a reference in the text (it has to be harvard style, that’s how my school wants it) i go to “insert citation” in endnote, but instead of getting something like this (S. Meckled-García, 2006, ) in the text i get this at the end of the last page ! and nothing in the text.

Reference Type:  Book

Record Number: 3

Author: S. Meckled-García

Year: 2006

Title: The Legalization Of Human Rights : Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Human Rights and Human Rights Law

Short Title: The Legalization Of Human Rights : Multidisciplinary Perspectives on Human Rights and Human Rights Law

ISBN: 0-415-36122-2

URL: http://sfx.ucl.ac.uk/sfx_local?sid=ALEPH%3AUCL01&genre=&isbn=9780415361231&issn=&date=2006&volume=&issue=&spage=&aulast=Meckled-Garc%C3%ADa&aufirst=Saladin&auinit=&title=The%20legalization%20of%20human%20rights%20%3A&atitle=&__service_type=&pid=DocNumber%3D001051222%2CIp%3Dwallace.lib%2CPort%3D9993


Based on your description of the situation, it sounds like your document is being formatted with the “Show All Fields” output style.  To verify this, in Word, click “Tools>EndNote X3>Format Bibliography”.  When the Format Bibliography window appears, check the “With Output Style” setting.  If the With Output Style setting is on Show All Fields, click the drop down to choose a different style.  If you cannot find the desired style from the drop down, click the “Browse” button to look through a complete list of available EndNote style files.  After you’ve selected the desired style, click “OK” to see if the appearance of the references cited within your document has changed.  Please let me know if this helps.

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