Hyperlinking to desktop Endnote records

It there a way to create a link to a record in my local EndNote desktop library?  Links to MS Word can be handled easily with the CWYW add-in and the related features, and I can create links to PubMed in my bibliographies, but what I would like is to insert links in other applications (mainly MS OneNote).  I scribble a lot of notes into OneNote that come from articles that I have saved in OneNote and the best I can do is to cut and paste something that looks like:

{Smith, 2012 #11932}

That is enough such that I can go into Endnote and find the matching record, but it is not very handy.  Alternatively, I could just link to the PDF attachment which would be my second choice, but EndNote doesn’t make that easy either.

How does everybody else link EN references to applications other than MS Word?

7 years later, this is exactly what I need to be able to do. I assume there’s no way or someone would have replied by now, but bumping this just in case!