CWYW won't find my Endnote Web references in Win Word 2007

Hello everyone,

I haven’t been using Endnote Web for long, but now I need to edit a document and am struggling with it again…

I have collected all my references with Endnote Web and installed the CWYW plugin for Word 2007, but when I try to insert a new citation, Endnote can’t find them. I notice by trying other simples searches that it is actually searching in a very old library I had years ago when I first used Endnote Desktop (don’t have it anymore, license belonged to my employer), although it says on the left bottom corner “Library: Endnote Web”.

I don’t know how to make it look into the right library and am definitely not enough of a computer geek to understand this kind of type, just the average user about to type all my citations one by one…

Thanks for your help!

I am not an Endnote online power user, but if you go to and login (orange button upper right) - that is where your current online library lives, and the one being accessed by the plug-in. 

If you have a desktop library but don’t have endnote desktop, you might want to explore whether a trial version of Endnote would allow you to sync your current desktop library to the online copy.  Talk to tech support first, as you might be better off first removing the existing online library, but it is really important to get the right steps, or you might endup deleting everything rather than updating everything. 

Thanks for the input, I might try using a trial version of endnote desktop. I can access my library online, it is just that the plugin does not actually search in my online library, even though it tells me that it is searching “Library: Endnote Web”… frustratingly.