Hyperlinking website title in an EndNote Library

We have our own version of the Harvard referencing style at our university that is based on the Australian Government’s Style Manual, which includes their author-date citation system:


This Style Manual has recently been updated, so much so that they now require the title of a website to be hyperlinked in list of references.

Although you can hyperlink any field in EndNote with a hypertext prefix such as https://, and putting that in front of a website title will create a hyperlink, BUT it will create an INCORRECT hyperlink.


https//:Are we missing a game changer? Gender-based violence and social protection

That is an invalid URL, since the correct URL is:


Plus once you begin to add a space after the first word (i.e. ‘Are’) following the https://, the hyperlink breaks and the remaining words are not hyperlinked.

Once you have inserted the references into a Word document, Clarivate told me that we can make the website title correctly hyperlinked by removing the field codes in the Word document, going through the list, highlighting titles and using Word’s insert link option to force them to be hypertext.  That is a lot of work for any student to go through just to hyperlink the webpage titles. Just imagine a student going through their whole reference list and using Word’s Insert Link option for all the title links they need to have.

My question: Do you know if there’s an easier workaround? Other Australian universities basing their Harvard referencing style on the Australian Government’s Style Manual would have the same issue as us.

Thank you all for your advice.

(FYI - I needed to use the ‘Insert Code’ function to insert the URLs into this message because this Rich Text Editor wasn’t accepting URLs as part of the main text, and thus kept refusing the posting of my message. It kept saying that were HTML errors - not sure why, since two of the URLs are correct. I had even removed the incorrect one as test, but to no avail.)