I can't get rid of the period in footnote citations when i add page numbers.

I’m new to Endnote, so forgive the dumb question. I use Chicago Style. I tried to insert my first footnoted reference today. I figured out how to add page citations by clicking on the reference once I’ve added it and going to Edit & Manage citations and putting in the page number. But I can’t get rid of the period at the end of the citation, before the page reference. With Chicago Style, that period should be a comma. And I’ve wasted so much time on that one little dot in a footnote that I’m risking missing a deadline, so I give up. Could someone please explain to me how to fix this? At this point, I’m not seeing how any of this is a more economical use of time with all of the selecting and modifying and importing and such. I must be doing several things wrong?

Let me add that on this particular computer I have Windows Vista and Word 2010. Thank you again for any help!!