Why is there a colon before the pagenumber in my footnote?


I am writing a paper for a seminar with Word 365 and the 30-days trial version of Endnote X9.

I wanted to put a reference in my footnote by going to the References tab and than clicking on ‘insert footnote’.

There, I chose Chicago style and clicked on ‘insert citation’. I clicked on the reference and inserted a pagenumber.

My problem is: as far as I know, in a footnote, immediately in front of the page number there has to be a comma and not a colon.

But I cannot seem to manually change it by erasing and typing in the comma. It just turns back to a colon. 

Please help.


While waiting for an answer I just continued writing the paper.

Just now, I was suprised to see that all the colons magically turned into commas… what happened??

UPDATE: It seems that all the following footnote references turn up correctly with a comma before the page number, BUT the very first two footnotes in the document.

Another question: I inserted a webpage as a footnote, but it does not show the author. I right-clicked on it, clicked on ‘edit citation’ but ‘exclude author’ is not ticked. It is just the default format.

How can I make the author show?

Right now my footnote says: “[Title of Article]” [Periodical Title], [Publisher], [year], [accessed date], [URL.]

Which version of Chicago? If you are using Chicago 17th you may need to replace it.

You can check which version you have installed by opening the style in the Edit menu > Output Styles > Edit ‘Stylename’ then About this Style. The original has a warning: “Style in Progress”. Use the link on the EndNote webiste to download the updated version. ( tried to put a link, doesn’t appear to like it).

The Web Page format does not include an Author name in the template by default although the short form does.

You could edit the style which takes some knowledge, OR keep going as you are, once finished, back-up the document to a sfae location and convert to plain text, this breaks the link to EndNote, then you can manually make changes to the text before submitting your paper.

(see I was responding to an older message and I hadn’t downloaded Chicago 17th footnote: 

you need to edit the Chicago 16th footnote output style which did have a colon for Journal template rather than a comma.  I tried to catch any inconsistencies in the version attached.  download it (it should open from the zip file, in endnote) and then save as, and give it a name different from the original and then change your document (on the endnote ribbon in word) to use this newly downloaded output style  and update citations and bibliography, to see if it is more consistent with your expectations.  

PDF Instructions on how to edit output styles are here for both Mac and Windows: https://support.clarivate.com/Endnote/s/article/EndNote-Windows-and-Mac-Style-Editing-Guide?language=en_US 

Chicago 16th Footnote comma-cited pages corrected.zip (6.08 KB)