I can't launch Endnote 20 on Big Sur MacBook Air M1

Hi there, I just recently downloaded Endnote 20 via my university account and upgraded it to 20.4 version, I’m currently using Mac Book Air M1 Big Sur version 11.5.2.

But I have a problem, I’m not able to launch the app, when I click on the icon it just shows the about screen for 3 seconds then disappears (freezes on dock like in an unresponsive state), I added into word plug-in but I’m not able to open it via Word menu either. Do you have any solutions? Thank you in advance.

I’m on an M1 MacBook running Monterey (12.16.1), and I have been able to run EndNote 20… there are other ‘exciting’ issues I’m having, but the program does not freeze as you describe. Are you able to upgrade your OS? Also, are you running Rosetta [handles some of the differences between what software ‘expects’ from an Intel Mac and the new Silicon hardware].


Thank you for answering me RhetOnCall! I upgraded my MacOS to BigSur11.7.1 after you mentioned it (Another option was upgrading to macOS Ventura 13.0 but I chose to wait for at least version 13.1 release since people are complaining about its bugs.) Unfortunately, It didn’t work. I also tried Rosetta option but nothing changed. :confused:

I was just trying to access EndNote online from Word and while I can log in from the web, I cannot access from Word [thus my new profile picture]. I don’t know what I can do about an “Unknown Error”…

I always tell my authors to budget for EndNote “Excitement”…


They sent me this to try… it doesn’t solve my problem, either.


For anyone still following along, what fixed the problem was giving up entirely on shared libraries through EndNote Online, and having my IT department reinstall EndNote with a warning to never use the Online option again.