Native Apple silicon support

Dear EndNote team,

currently Endnote is not running natively on Apple silicon (namely the M1 chip). Though, running EndNote through Rosetta translation layer seems to work fine when just looking at EndNote there are problems.

An upgrade of Microsoft Word to a version that supports Apple silicon directly left the cite while you write (CWYW) plug-in useless. Obviously, the Intel code of the CWYW plug-in is not compatible with the Apple silicon code of Word. The current work-around is to run Word via Rosetta translation layer (going back to Intel code), so that Word and CWYW run the same type of code. 

The work-around is kind of inconvenient long-term. Are you going to develop a fix or an M1-native version of the plug-in (or EndNote) that would allow running Word in M1 native mode again? Does the latest or will any of the planned EndNote versions support Apple-silicon directly without the Rosetta translation layer?

Thanks in advance for considering.

It is really taking too long for a software like EndNote to become fully compatible with M1. Running Word via Rosetta layer is not a interesting idea and goes against the whole idea behind the M1 architecture. I’ve been really worried with the lack of response from Clarivate/EndNote.