I want to Uninstall this ASAP

I deleted the files on my MacBook but I still have word asking me to grant access. How do I stop this? It is asking to grant access on a file I no longer have. I am very upset with this and I really should not have to Uninstall word to get this off my computer. This happens every time I open word. Please someone help me stop this madness.

I searched for Uninstall endnote  mac  and found this thread.  I don’t work with the Mac, so no idea if this is the best answer.  


That doens’t work.  Thank you though.  I don’t have the file it keeps asking me to grant access to, and I can’t remove the stupid toolbar from Word. 

FIXED:  If anyone else has this problem you need to remove the .bundle file or it will keep asking.  I went to Word, found the CWYW toolbar extension filepath and found it that way.  The file is hidden.  After you remove this it will no longer ask you to grant access and the tollbar will be removed.

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