Identify cited sources in the library


is there a way to see how often and in which document a source has been cited in Endnote X4?

I know I can do that in a document by clicking on “Edit & Manage Citations” in the Endnote Panel. This will generate a list with all citations (which, by the way, cannot be sorted alphabetically…) of that particular document.

But I’d really be happy if I could see the number of citations (e.g. 4 times cited) and the documents (…/last_publication_final.docx) in the record summary of each source. And to complete my wishlist, how about a possibility for a new column: Cited (Y/N). This would make it much easier to identify “forgotten and not yet cited” literature in the library panel!



We have created a sample plug-in that keeps a basic list of all items cited from an EndNote library. See this post:

I beleive the sample code for this plug-in is included as part of the EndNote API documentation. If not, we could share this with you and you might be able to expand it to include some of the other features you mention here.

Feel free to contact me directly if you are interested.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

jason [dot] rollins [@] thomsonreuters [dot] com

Thank you very much for your answer, I think this is the right way.

I now converted the temporary citations into formatted citations. With the “Hide selected references”, I can show only the references that are currently not in use (which is indeed what I actually wished to have). I assume, that there is no option to start the plugin in a document with unformatted references?

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That plugin requires a formatted document.  When you format the document a group is automatically created in your library with the cited references.  The plugin takes that group and remembers the references that were in it. 

I think you are one the right track. I would try something very similar:

  • Open the EndNote-formatted Word document

  • In EndNote, run the ‘Cited From Library’ command from the Tools menu - this will give you the ‘Cited From Library’ group of all items cited in your current paper.

  • Highlight all of these

  • With these items all selected/highlighted in EndNote, switch over to the ‘All References’ group

  • While in All References, choose the “Hide Selected References” command from the References menu to get the list of all of the items NOT cited in your current document.

See the attached screen.

I hope this helps.

Jason Rollins

Thank you! I think this feature is very useful, especially in connection with very large databases (>1000 references) in order not to loose track of the whole project…

As I have the Thomson Reuters team here, I want to make two suggestions:

1.) Having a field “Cited XXX times in document A, B, C, D…” in the reference edit section or the record summary would be very useful, too. I think the “Record Summary” is a pretty powerful feature/possibility which has’nt been exhausted at all at the moment.

2.) Being able to better manage book sections within edited book would make it much more easier to keep track of  the edited publications (sort of: associated publications).