Is there a way to count citations?

Does anyone know of a way, either through Word, EN Client or EN Web, that you can run a ‘query’ to find out which authors/texts you are citing the most?

I’m looking at a >200 page / >250 references / 100,000word document, so obviously, I need a way other than manually counting!


On the desktop version at least, you can select the  “Endnote X7 Edit & Manage Citations” option from the ribbon (see image attached) and the resulting dialog will list a “count” for each citation.  You can sort on that column (or any of the columns)  so you could sort to see most or least cited references.  see attached. 

On the image that you show at the very bottom it has “totals” which indicates total number of references in the couments as well as total number of citations and citation groups