Counting the amount of "local citations" of a specific reference in my library

I was just wondering if there is a way in Endnote X9 to see how many times I’ve referenced to a specific reference in my library.

On a related sidenote, I’m also wondering if there is any support in the Endnote X9 desktop client to see where I’ve referenced to a specific reference, i.e. which Microsoft Word documents I’ve included a specific reference (I know this is highly improbable, but doesn’t hurt to ask :smileyvery-happy:)

No, there is no way for Endnote to track documents that have been formatted at all, and no way to know where records have been cited, apart from the current document being worked on.  When a document is being formatted, you can see a temporary group in Endnote with the name of the document, and it will list the currently cited records in that document.  

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