IEEE Xplore connection file

Is there anywhere I can download an IEEE Xplore connection file? If not, does anyone know if one is planned for future release?


Which version of Endnote are you using? I’ve been able to send direct transfers from IEEE Explore to Endnote X2 without needing to import via a filter. Select the items you require, then click on “View selected items.” You should then have a sidebar allowing you to download the citations. Select the Citation and Abstract option, then choose Endnote from the second drop down menu. You should then be able to click on the “go” arrows to transfer the citations. 

Melinda Goodin

Swinburne University of Technology, Australia

Thanks for the reply. I know that you can use the IEEE interface to download Endnote citations, but I’m interesting in browsing the IEEE database from within Endnote, as I can do with PubMed and other online databases. This makes dealing with broad queries much easier, since the Endnote interface is much easier to use than the online IEEExplore one.

It will only be possible if IEEE Xplore uses the  Z39.50 protocol. 

If it does, than a connection file can probably be requested from Thomson or you could you can also customize or configure your own connections to Z39.50-compliant databases. 

If it is not currently compliant, you could request that IEEE implement the protocol.