If no author is given --> use publisher


in my case I want to quote a webpage that doesn´t give specific author but a publisher.

So I want to add the web page in my reference and I added the publisher.

I my citation and Bibliography Endnote should us the publisher instead of a blanc author.

I also tried to put the publisher “Mehr Demokratie e.V.” in the author field - but it´s messing arround because Endnote thinks “e.V.” is the name and “Mehr Demokratie” is the surname. It doesn´t recognize “Mehr Demokratie e.V.” as specific term.

Thanks for your help!

If you add a corporate body to the author field, put a comma at the end, e.g.

Mehr Demokratie e.V.,

… though if you have a subordinate part as well, put two commas between the main part and subordinate part, e.g.

University of Canterbury, School of Law

(depending a bit on the requirements of the style; most but not all require the main part first, as I have shown here)



Dear John,

thanks a lot! Maybe I can figure it out this way.