Implementing Direct Export in a website


I represent a website that is developing a plug-in to allow our users to click a link that will directly download a reference citation into their local copy of Endnote. We used the Endnote Direct Export documentation in the Endnote database to do this. I am wondering if Thomson Reuters requires any attribution for us to implement this feature?


Neil McKenna

Officially, no, we do not require any attribution. We developed the RIS Direct Export format a long time ago and basically have now made it “open source” so almost anyone can use it. This makes it much easier for everyone out there to share information more easily. We, of course, prefer that folks use EndNote but realize there are other options and we want to help things play nice together. 

But, since you are asking, it would be nice to include some reference to EndNote. For example, many sites include a download button that uses some variation of “Download to EndNote or similar bibliographic software” - we get some branding credit plus everyone can see that the download will work with other tools as well.

I hope this helps.

Jason Rollins, Thomson Reuters