Import a references from text


I in despreate need of help;I am a late comer to endnote I have only just started using it towards submisison of my thesis. 

I would like to import my 200 refernces created in word, to endnote can this be done? thanks 

This thread may help.

However, if you have “just” 200 references, consider the learning curve of the automation software listed in the thread. I bet manual copy&paste will be faster. If you have 2000, automation will be definitely the way to go.

Good luck.

I have a had a look and its too complicated for my liking i guess if all else fails i will abaden my endnote quest. its too hard to type in over 200 references. bugger that .

Endnote is a powerful “last minute” tool, particularly when references are sorted by appearance order. You remove one reference in the middle, and then you have to change all the numbers. That is very time consuming task for references more than 30. Endnote can change that in a snap in the last minute before deadline. If your references are sorted alphabetically, manual edit isn’t that bad.


What subject field are you in?  Is there a public or do you subscribe to a database (like in the sciences, with the publicly accessible PubMed) that you can download from?  That is your best bet.  Download everything with your favorite topic.