import my 200


I in despreate need of help;I am a late comer to endnote I have only just started using it towards submisison of my thesis. 

I would like to import my 200 refernces created in word, to endnote can this be done? thanks

I don’t think so… as far as I know you’ll have to input them manually (though you can use copy/paste into each field if that’s faster, like for long titles and such) or else search for them on the internet (google scholar works well for this) and then input the citation (you’ll need to go into gs preferences to select the option that will allow you to do this if it’s not already set up yet). Depending on how easy or difficult your references will be to find, this could be faster than doing it all manually.

But then again, maybe someone else knows something I don’t… 

Still, if your references are already in word, it might make your life easier to just submit your thesis without using endnote, and then start using it for subsequent projects. Creating a library with that many references can be very time-consuming and headache-inducing!

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Like others including Leanne say, importing references typed in word into Endnote is not easily automated (I’m not saying impossible). It is up to how much time you have toward deadline. 3 days? 3 weeks? 3 months?

If you have >3 weeks, downloading references (with import filter) and re-typing in-text citation would be the best way and would help towards last minutes. If you have 3 days, sorry, too late. Don’t think about using new tools (toys).