Importing in bulk

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I’m a data librarian and I’m helping someone with their journal article. This person would like to be able to conveniently import many references in bulk to EndNote from a previously written article, but does not have many DOIs, and most likely doesn’t have the full texts of said articles on their computer. Is there any way to do this? Maybe through the reference list of the previously written article?

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Unfortunately, this is not an easy fix although if you have a subscription to something like scopus, you can download cited references, for example. I personally feel I am better off creating my reference library from articles I have personally accessed/read and so downloading a huge number from a previous source is less satisfying and somewhat of a pain to then make sure they are correct and correctly parsed from an equally labor intensive conversion of the list to an importable format where the pieces end up in the correct fields. Assuming the individual is in a field with access to a public database like Pubmed, it is better to collect the materials you may want to cite, thru that resource. There is this resource that outlines how you might convert text to an importable document (as a last resort) here

There used to be a tool that was helpful called HubMed, but the website has no documentation and it doesn’t seem to accept full reference lists anymore.

I really just cut and paste the title or a couple authors in Endnote search database tool, and let it find each one, as the fastest route!

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Thank you for your extensive answer and explanation. I’ll share it with my client!

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