Import Bulk .enw files - Automator for Mac?

I would like to bulk import .enw files. It is such a waste of time going through them one-by-one.  I can’t seem to do this via EndnoteX7 for mac.

I am wondering if there is something I can do via the mac Automator? (i.e. when an .enw file is placed in x folder, then Endnote will automatically import it)

I’ve seen some discussion on here about creating a script to do this- but this was with Endnote X4. 

Help please. 

Not necessary. Refer to this thread which discusses renaming the .enw file extension to .txt then importing into Endnote. Also note that Endnote X7 can batch import files within a folder (go to the toolbar and select File >Import >Folder). For further information on importing text files, see the Endnote training video “Importing Text Files”.