Importing all .ris files at once

So, this may sound like a stupid question, but I have been downloading a lot of .ris files for class readings into EndNote and I just cannot figure out how to import them all at once instead of one by one. I have tried selecting multiple files after clicking File-Import, but only one file will stay selected no matter whether I hold Ctrl, Shift, Command, Option, or any other buttons. I have EN X4.0.2 on a Mac. In any other programs (Office, LR, PSE) I have no problems importing multiple files. What’s the trick in EN? I am having the same issue with PDFs. 

I downloaded a text file merging tool - TXTcollector - and merged some .txt-files in a directory. After merging the files into one file using TXTcollector, I could import the merged file with EndNote import. TXTcollector is for Windows only, hopefully you can find a file merging tool for Mac.

EndNote does not import multiple files at once, except PDFs, so the suggestion of another tool to merge the files woudl be the way to go. For PDFs, you can select a folder that contains PDFs (including subfolders) from the Import menu option.

 - Mathilda, the EndNote team

Hi there,

I just found out that by opening Endnote with a target file open and double clicking on an enw file for import to it will result in its immediate import to Endnote. Thus, importing a long list of enw files involves simple, rapid series of double clicks. This seems to be the simplest solution to the tedious process of importing files by using the import function in the Endnote program. I wish someone had informed me about this before.

This is dependent on the way you set up the browser.  Some browsers automatically open and correctly associate the enw file, and some don’t.  Some download it and you need to open it.  

You might want to download (from the right hand bar of this KB article linked below) the the Little Endnote How to Book, which is full of otherwise obscure information about endnote.  Being a old dog, I really miss manuals!  (fixed link)