import folder: a new feature uncompleted?

I start testing X7 version.  With many ebooks and epapers I found useful the new feature to import a folder files as (link) attachment.

Yet, the feature is missing  - in my opinion - something very important that for brevity I may call autocomplete.

Take this scenario as example: 1) Import a folder with 1 pdf file that has an isbn number as its file name. 2) EndNote X7 puts the file name as item title, and the PDF file as (link) attachment. 3) Now one wants to complete the diffierent fields of the reference EN record.


I use a library (Congress library for instance) that gives the reference starting just from the isbn number. But I am completely unable to update with some automation the record that already contains the above pdf attachment. So the workaround (very combersome) seems:

a) take from the record made in step 1-3 or from the attachment the isbn number

b)open a library connection and download the appropriate record reference

c)reattach the pdf file to this new record.

d) delete the original record made with EN new feature described in step 1-3.

So the new feature is in practice completely unuseful!

Am I missing something since there is a better practice, or really the new feature is still uncomplete in terms of usefulness.

Thanks for any feedback.


For books, I believe you will have to continue with that method.

For articles, if the PDF contains a DOI in the first 2 pages, EndNote will retrieve the details for you as it imports the file.

If the article does not have a DOI, you can copy and paste the author, year and title from the file into the reference fields, then use the References > Find Reference Updates… feature to retrieve the details.


Thanks for the feedback and the tip about articles. In fact my problem concerns ebooks more than just articles. I found somewhat strange that other competior products are able to use DOI, as well as ISBN, to update fields (even with just a push of a button using matadata), and EN still doesn’t.

IMHO that seems a feature to put in a high rank to a wish list of future improvements. I hope Thomson thinks the same!