Import references from a library and overwite to keep the group sets and groups


Here is my problem:

  • I have lost the Group Sets and groups from my library but I have all the references (824)

-I also have a backup which has 784 references and the GroupSets and Groups

-That is, there is a difference of 40 new references but I cannot work out which they are

If I export  the 824 and import to the 784 library will they keep their group allocation and give me 40 unfiled?


PS. The lesson I have learnt is not to try and copy an existing libray to make a new library!

Save a copy of your library (in endnote) to a new name – you have a new library with the existing groups.  – I would do that with your 784 library and import the 824 version into the existing version (keeping the copy safe elsewhere) and then yes, you should have the 40 unfiled.  THEN I would edit your groups to include a unique group name in the keywords and create a smart group to collect them.  – when you add new ones, add one or more groupname terms to your keywords, then they are added automatically to your smart group.  routinely copy the smart group contents to your fixed-group (so they can be synced, if you don’t sync (which I assume you don’t or you wouldn’t be creating multiple libraries) – this second step isn’t needed at all.  

Leanne, many thanks. Thanks also for the hint about using keywords to automatigically add references to SmartGroups. I am glad you pointed this feature out to me

And thanks to the designers and programmers of Endnote who make recovery in these circumstances possible