Moving group sets between two libraries

I am currently using Endnote X6.0.1 on a Mac.

I would like to move several group sets from one library to another.  Is this possible?  I have tried to drag and drop the group sets but this doesn’t seem to work.  I have tried draging the individual groups but this doesn’t work.  I can move indvidual references between files via drag and drop, but this would take forever because I have thousands of references that organized into different group folders.  I looked into trying to use export, but I can’t see a way to export just a group set or select number of groups.

Any help is appreciated!

This is why I use Keywords.  I can create smart groups that automatically group them based on the keywords they contain. 

To apply keywords to each group:

First “select the group”  then using Tools> Change/Move/Copy Fields, edit the keyword field  to add a new keyword at the end or beginning (radio button choice). This will add the keyword to each of the records showing. 

Then you can convert that group to a smart group based on the keyword you assigned. 

Thank you for your reply!

I am able to create a smart group as you suggested, but I still cannot easily move this group from one library to another.  Am I missing something here?


Depends on whether removing duplicates annoys you after the transfer.  After you select a Keyworded group and copy it to the other library, then you need to create the smart group there, in the new library.  

If the record is in more than one group, you would need to delete the duplicate but since the keyword field would be there in both (as long as you did the keyword editing for all groups first) it wouldn’t matter which one you deleted at the end. 

You also have the option - if you first Hide all the references showing - - then copy a group, to move that newly copied group to a new group… but then only that copy would be in that group and the “duplicate” trick below doesn’t work. 

Developers take note:  It would be nice to be able to import a compressed library into an existing library.  It would also be nice if the existing groups could be imported if not copied.

Thanks.  I agree the developers should devise an easier way to do this (i.e. drop/drag of groups and group sets)

You can do it mannualy by creating the group with same name in new library then select all references from same group in your first or previous library copy and past them in new library group with same name. it work in Endnote X8 I just tried. may it help you :wink: