Importing chapters in edited volumes

I’m completely new to Endnote and I can’t find anything in the 750 page user guide to answer this question. I’m hoping someone on this forum can help me.

Is there a way to import a specific authored chapter from an edited volume from an online database? I can find and import the bibliographic details of the edited volume itself, but if I want to create a reference to one of the chapters, I don’t see how to do that short of manually typing it in. I can import the edited volume then edit it (change the reference type edited books etc) to cut down on some of the manual entry, but is there an alternative?



Not unless a database exists that will export it in a way that can be imported into a filter. I find very few databases that include book chapters.  Sometimes you may find them in Google scholar, which can export to endnote.  In most cases, I do as you suggest.  If I want to enter many chapters, I download the book itself from a library or the library of Congress, convert to book chapter reference type adjust as necessary and copy and paste it as many times as needed and manually enter the various chapter/author/page information