importing ProCite to Endnote 8.0.2


I am considering to purchase Endnote myself, but I first want to make sure that it can convert my current ProCite library successfully. So I tried this with a fully functional but old Endnote 8.0.2 version that a colleague uses. In contrast to the promises in the help function, EndNote is not able to open the original ProCite library, nor does it open a text version of this library exported by ProCite. I also do not get an error message, there is just nothing happening when I hit the button to open/import the file (after selecting it). Does this problem sound familiar to anyone?


Procite databases can be opened with some versions of Endnote, but not EndNote 8. See for further details of compatible versions.

From experience I can say that EndNote 7 opens Procite libraries well. I found it helpful to do a test conversion to look at how the data went across and made use of the ability to custom map fields from Procite to fields in EndNote for a smooth transition.

I would suggest that you avoid Endnote8 for anything, as it was a rather buggy product.  I believe you can download the current version of endnote on a trial basis for testing?