Import Procite RIS file to Endnote 6x

I have been trying to import a RIS file into Endnote and it will not accept it.

When saving the Protcite file I select the Endnote RIS style.

To import I select Procite.

Any suggestions?

thank you


If the RIS file isn’t importing into EndNote it may suggest a problem with the file and/or the import filter. Have you looked at the RIS file to see uf the data fields match those in the import filter? Could you attach a few records from the RIS file?

Hello Deirdre,

If you have EndNote X6 for Windows, you can directly convert a ProCite database. If you have saved the ProCite database to an RIS formatted text file, make sure you have “Reference Manager (RIS)” set as the Import Option. Please see the steps found in this knowledge base article:

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Can you attach the file you are trying import, and tell us where it is coming from, and where the instructions you quote are coming from?  (note X6 = version 16)