Updated Endnote x8, when importing references from google scholar it opens Endnote x7

Hello, I had an Endnote x7 updated a to x8 a couple of months ago. I payed and downloaded the Endnote 8 update, I entered my Endnote 7 serial and other info, the installation (update) was correct and I’m using Endnote x8 without much problem. Except when I try to import a reference form google scholar, when I click con the “Send to endnote” link (Firefox), it sends the reference to Endnote all right but it opens Endnote x7, which proceeds to state that the library is closed or something like it. If I download the file to my computer and click on it with “open with… Endnote x8” it opens correctly wihtout problems. I’m not a power user, but in my applications folder I can see both Endnote 7 and 8 next to each other, I don’t want to just delete one, since I did an update instead of a new install. This is not a big problem, I can get around it by downloading the files and opening them manually, but it is a bit cumbersome. I do have set Endnote x8 as my default app for those kinds of files, so that’s not the issue. Any help would be appreciated.

Running Endnoe X8.2 on Macbook Pro. High Sierra, vers. 10.13.3

Thank you.