Importing references for non-DOI documents


I’m new on Endnote. I previously used Zotero for my personal needs and I’m now starting to use Endnote with my colleagues.
I’m used to be able to easily import all kinds of references in Zotero, but I’m not finding the equivalent in Endnote and I’m wondering if I’m searching wrong or if this option doesn’t exist with Endnote.

For instance, with Zotero, I could be on any web page and click the Zotero extension and have the reference added in my library, with all the info Zotero was able to retrieve from the web page. I had to manually check if everything was right, but most of the information was there (title of the page; date I accessed it; URL; if it’s a newspaper article, date of publication and sometime the author). Is there some equivalent in Endnote? I use a lot of grey litterature and being able to put it in Endnote as easily would be a huge time save for me.


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Sadly this functionality is not available in EndNote at this time. You can tag this as and Endnote Product Suggestion.

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How can I do that? (add a tag)

Thanks for your answer!

Thats a good question. Can yous till edit the post and add another category?

No, I don’t see any way to edit my first message. I tried to search on the forum for “tags” but only to get results for tags in Endnote. Even writting this message, I don’t see any option to add tags. I’m a bit confused.

Sorry Josee

It looks like there is only once change to add these right at the very beginning of a post

I found this request which is similar and I “liked” it. You might want to like it too as this record in the “product suggestion” category already


Thank you! I’ve thrown a like out there. Let’s now cross fingers!

I could not tell you where or how I found it but I have a java extension called CAPTURE REFERENCE that will import citation information from a webpage with a click and add it to my ENDNOTE library.

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