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Hi everyone, 

I’m new here. Jus installed EndNote been using Zotero. Trying to export from Zotero into EndNote. Not having any luck. Tried different formats. RIS, Bibtex, etc. Not luck. I see the file but when I import into EndNote I get nothing.


can you attach a txt file with a few records?  

When you exported the library references from Zotero was it saved as an RIS text file? And did you select the Endnote “Reference Manager (RIS)” filter to import the RIS text file? If the answer is “no” to one or both questions then repeat the export-import process with the RIS text file and Reference Manager (RIS) import filter. Refer to the Endnote training video “Transferring References from Zotero to EndNote”.

If, however, the answer is “yes” to both questions could you provide a sample of the RIS text file as the non-import suggests a miss-match between the text file records and the import filter’s layout which will need adjusting.

I am having the same problem.  I just installed x8 for Mac. I followed the video instructions posted above, but this does not help.

I choose File >> Import - and  then I select my .ris file.  When I click the Import button, I do not get the Import File box that has the Import Options dropdown menu.  I just get nothing.

Here is a screencast I recorded showing my process. drive.google.com/open?id=0BzVCZ1RNCcywTDdpOUhYZWlZZWc

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Why not call Tech Support?  www.endnote.com/support 

This is really a self help group of users which the endnote developers occassionally chime in on.  far better to go straight the support line.  

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The fix for me was clicking “options” at the import menu and selecting RIS Manager.  Just having the .ris extention on the file is not enough. 

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