Please add automatic DOI and ISBN lookup for adding references

Zotero has the supremely useful feature of being able to add a reference using the DOI or ISBN. It’s a magic wand icon for “Add Item by Identifier” that sits right in the toolbar. You click it, paste in the DOI, hit enter, and it creates a reference with all information right in your library. Takes 2 seconds. EndNote desperately needs this function!


I could use that functionality. I am not a Zotero user, so I appreciate your wise suggestion.
I was wandering how able Endnote is to respond to suggestions like this because I still have to 20.x version and have updated accordingly but that nasty bug when you shut down the app but it keeps popping back up like it’s in startup mode (instead of reliability closing the app completely).

EndNote do know, and it is fixed in V21, however there is supposed to be a fix for V20 as well. (V20.6)
I would have expected that patch to be out by now? Try checking for updates.

You can do it by adding a new reference, copy the DOI. right click on the reference and click on “find reference update”. Takes less than 10 s.


Works for DOI. How do I make it work for ISBN? I see that this has been a thread for many years Use the ISBN number to create a new reference - #7 by roxane it would be really helpful if this feature were made available