Improved handling of PDF links on iPad under iOS 8

The progress of EN on iPad has been rewarding to see.  It’s actually a pretty nice product at this point.  A pretty constant refrain of frustration from users in the forums, however, has been the limited handling of attachments.  Unless one uses only relative links (internal-pdf://…), attachments are not synced to ENW or EN on the iPad.  Since relative links are incompatible with many people’s workflows on the computer side (e.g., I keep all my PDFs in one honkin’ big folder where multiple programs can easily find them), this is a real problem.  It’s an almost total block to annotating on the iPad and having things come back easily to the Mac side.  Some of us also have more than the 5GB of PDF storage allowed on ENW, another block to syncing.

At the latest World Wide Developer’s Conference, Apple announced several features related to iCloud Drive, which will allow a program to directly access files stored in various Cloud-based services (iCloud, Dropbox, Box, etc.), rather than having to import/export them.   I hope the development team is looking at these services as a way to simplify attachment handling.  Especially since Apple is making iCloud Disk available to Windows, also, it seems like it should now be “easy” (says the person not on the Development team :stuck_out_tongue: ) to allow users to store their PDFs on, say, Dropbox and have Desktop, Web and iPad version of EN all point there for seamless access to the PDFs.  Could be pretty cool…and hopefully easier on the EN side also.

Thanks for you consideration.