In EndNote 20, please, please, please bring back the 'bottom split' layout option

I completely agree. Since switching over to Endnote 20 every single comment I have had from users within our organisation has been on this issue. We have lost flexibility and convenience - and I can’t see what has been gained from the switch


I am horrified to see this option has been removed! I upgraded thoughtlessly yesterday, and when I openned it assumed that I would be able to change the layout back to the previous one. I cannot believe that I can’t! The current layout is wasteful and impractical, it could only have been invented by someone who has never used the program! Please bring back the bottom spit immediately!

I agree. The new layout is extremely frustrating. I have to train a whole organisation and they will be reluctant to pick this up.


The bottom split is a small but very necessary function. There are many good comments on this string. The new UI makes EN20 unusable by my research team. 

Preview with metadata view are critical, I agree 100% with this comment. 


Honestly, unuseable!

  1. You cannot open windows, and especially you can’t open multiple windows simultaneously…necessary for editing between them. One user said it well: “2. Make it possible to have multiple references open at the same time. The loss of this option in EndNote20 has been almost devastating because I now spend way too much time and energy opening and closing references where I have notes that I need to access.”

  2. The term lists simply don’t function anymore. They don’t “fill in” in an Endnote reference. They don’t show whether phrases are or are not consistent with the term lists in an Endnote record. You can’t search for one in the term list windows…so entering them from there is beyond clumsy. They are nigh near useless.

  3. You can’t see the formatted reference in ‘bottom split’ layout option consistently. When you do…it does NOT update even when the Edits are saved. I have to change STYLES to see the update.

  4. The feature of “Search Results” has disappeared on EndNote 20.

  5. Add back the case changing option.

  6. One needs the option to build a search to select records based on empty field(s).

  7. Merging duplicates is necessary.

I am terribly disappointed that I paid for this downgrade. How can developers just leave out features in previous versions?


me too.  20 is designed by people who don’t use the software for resarch, esp. dealing with PDF and annotations and searching and…


I agree, please bring back the icon. It is clear that your developers don’t use EndNote if they think that 3-clicks to insert a citation is better than 1.

The whole point of EndNote is to add citations to a document.

Why would you make that main function of the program more difficult to access?


I have used the ‘Notes’ and ‘Research notes’ fields extensively for notes about articles or to excerpt key text.  This is unusuable when crammed on the side. I often worked with a record open in full screen.

Best would be allow users to move the split layout to their preference, but at least put it back how it was. Lots of people have complained about the new layout, but haven’t seen a single post saying “keep it.”

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where is the top/bottom split screen to view reference detail???    And why is note (or any of some other fields) not visible in the preview???

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I agree. This is exactly the issue I came to this page to request. I’m a Mac user, just upgraded my Mac OS and subsequently had to switch from EndNote X9 to EndNote 20. VERY disappointed in the layout/view options in the library window. I relied heavily on being able to preview the formatted reference in a specific output style in the SAME window/view as the editable details of the reference. I find the new interface MUCH less convenient.

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I second this…

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How did you go back to ENX7? My recollection is that the database stucture isn’t backwards compatible beyond ENX9.

I third this… really really need bottom spit viewing

so totally agree! thank you for writing this. Other issues - toolbar should have functions restored on top bar; remove from within as it takes up too much space. Also, left groups should not eat up space as you tier down as you lose a lot of left hand margin with every sub group. I could go on with the poor Endnote 20 design functions…so many issues and usually upgrades make things better…not E 20