Endnote 20 - a truly downgrade

First of all, I have to say the design of Endnote 20 is really really terrible

(1) Pls Pls Pls bring back the ‘bottom split’ option. 

The automatic PDF preview is a MUST HAVE for so many people.

(2) Why is the ‘star’ option gone?

It helps me a lot highlight the most important paper. Why is this option removed?

(3) Option to change the language

I know the User Interface has been designed with only English.

But a lot of schools in China have already signed the contract to use copyrighted products, it’s time to think about our need for changing language.

Thus, Pls take this up to your development team as an enhancement request ASAP.

Clarivoate, Pls listen to our user’s suggestions.

I really like the new design of 20, but now, I have to go back to use X9 instead for convenience.