Restore Customize Layout in Endnote 20

Bring back the ability to customize the layout of the panes.  I don’t know what it was removed in the first place in 20.  Not a good idea to take away something that several previous versions of Endnote have allowed you to do.


I agree the layout is bad taking the preview panel from below the references. I do not like the dark layout around the references, it is hard to see everything. I would have stayed with EndNote X9 had I know about all the changes.


please bring back the preview to the bottom. Preview on the right side makes NO sense. This is a major bummer. At least make it customizable. Allow users to chose where the preview panel should be.

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Agree, the side by side layout doesn’t allow you to read the abstract without severely limiting how many fields I want to view in list pane. I really don’t like this update UI changes.
And I just realized that if I increase horizonal size of abstract/preview pane the list view doesn’t scale down and it actually hides multiple columns. That is really terrible, really hurts the way I use the tool. And another bad result is now I cannot view the whole abstract and also open individual reference to edit custom fields at the same time. If I am looking at abstract I can’t see all fields if I want to edit.
We were going to upgrade all our users, but this might stop us from doing it.

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100% agree! I don’t understand why Endnote took the existing options away. The side-by-side layout is extremely difficult to read. I prefer to read the reference info at the bottom of the screen.

I 100% agree!

What I would like to see is the option to make the preview/summary panel a floating window so that I can drag it onto my second monitor and thus free up the (very limited) space in the EndNote window to view the citation lists and folders. I don’t want it at the bottom or the side as it eats up too much space either way.

We should also be able to customize the fields in the summary panel - I need to make some of the other fields (eg. Notes) viewable without having to go into the Edit screen.

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I, too, would have stayed with my earlier version now I have used V20 for a while.

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