In text citation format

Hi, I’m writing a text and I dont have a section for bibliography so I would like to format my in-text citation like

[Author (year) Journal vol pages]

this is the template I’ve created 

[Author | (Year) |Journal/Secondary Title| Volume : Pages]

but it returns

[Brown K. et al. (2011) Journal/Science 2 : 27-31]

can somebody tell me what am I doing wrong?

thank you


you need to delete the Journal/ from the template.  I don’t know why the insert field inserts it that way into the citation.  The generic field should be “Secondary Title”  – and this should be reported to the developers.  @sharone

When you create any template, you need to select the field from the dropdown list, which will always list the Generic field names. The only reason the word “Journal” would appear in the citation is if the field name was manually entered or edited after it had been inserted.

It is not common to have the journal name as part of an in-text citation, which is why I did not notice this before. Only the in-text citation templates include the descriptive word “Journal” for both the full and abbreviated journal names. It’s been that way for quite some time (I went back to X4 and it is the same there.)

Actually, Endnote X7.7  I did try to insert it from the dropdown into the citation template, and it does dropdown and insert Journal/secondary title and not the generic Secondary title which is why I tagged you.  

Author (Year). Title. Journal/Secondary Title| Volume|, Pages|.  

Sorry for the confusion. I’ll change the report for development. 

This is a long-existing, unreported bug and it is not a common scenario. As a workaround I would personally use a numbered style and define the bibliography templates as needed. When completely finished with the paper, save a copy, remove the field codes and copy/paste the entries into the proper place in the text. Being a long-time EndNote user you may have a better way to accomplish the task.

Personally – I ALWAYS try an automated way rather than a copy paste way.  Might as well just use the copy formated CtrlK in the first place, if you have to touch each one to copy and paste it elsewhere?