Adjust citation templates question

Hello everyone,

I am using my own edited EndNote reference style. Everything works properly at this point, but there is one issue I am unable to fix myself. 

Under my edited style, journal articles should appear like this in the bibliography:

Dijkstra, NJB 2019/253
S. Dijkstra, ‘De rechter in politieke vertegenwoordigende organen. Tijd voor de duidelijke nee-stem’, NJB 2019/253, afl. 5, p. 327-333.

Where “NJB” is the abbeviated title of the journal and the “2019/253” part, the 253 is the volume. 

My issue is with the text highlighted in blue.

I was able to make journal articles appear in my bibliography the way they should by editing my “Citations -> Templates” section while editing my output style (see attachted screenshot). I added the “Journal/Secondary Title” field in between “Author.Year” via “Insert Field”. The issue I am facing right now is that the secondary title field used for edited books now also shows up, completely according to the added field. 

Is there a possibilty to ONLY add journal titles to the blue text in the blbliography, which would solve my issue? Can I edit the “Journal/Secondary Title” field to only add the journal? I saw there were some custom options under the “Insert Field” button, but I do not know how to edit those.

The “/” in “2019/253” I now add manually in the “volume section” under the reference.

Thanks in advance!

I use EndNote x9.3.3



While the question seems to be related to how things appear in the bibliography template, you are editing the citation template which does not distinguish between ref types, and therefore can’t distinguish between journal and other ref type secondary fields.  

Can you clarify your needs?