in text citation not displaying properly but references is okay/correct


I’m having a problem with the in-text citation. But when I go to my references page, it’s fine. Only the in-text is not displaying properly.

Collective narcissism can be described as “in-group identification tied to an emotional investment in an unrealistic belief about the unparalleled greatness of an in-group” (Agnieszka  Golec de Zavala, Cichocka, Eidelson, & Jayawickreme, 2009). In a later research on collective narcissism Agnieszka Golec de Zavala and Cichocka (2011) argue that collective narcissism is contingent to external validation. Members of groups are vigilant to threat to the in-group’s image. Intergroup hostility is inevitable in collective narcissism. With that said, Agnieszka Golec de Zavala and Cichocka (2011) provides examples to distinguish collective narcissism from other –isms’ such as nationalism. While both work under the assumption that one has strong feelings for something, say the country, collective narcissism is defensive and retaliatory (Agnieszka Golec de Zavala & Cichocka, 2011, p. 3). 

In particular, I want the in-text citation to be as follows: ‘Golec de Zavala’ as that is her last name. It’s fine on the reference page though. 

Any idea why?


Jo Leen

End Note X6 user

Unclear if:  1) this is a problem for all citations having multiple authors or just Agnieszka  Golec de Zavala; or 2)  how Agnieszka Golec de Zavala  was entered in the Author field;  but you could:


  1. Examine the of the Citations setting  to see if it’s “Last Name Only" – see attached image.  Go to the EndNote toolbar and Edit > Output Style > Edit name of the style you’re using. Or attach your output style to your posting.

  2.  Change the name order in the Author field to:  Golec de Zavala, Agnieszka

Author Name setting.gif

Oh, hmm, I’m only seeing this for Golec de Zavala, A. thing. I never had this problem before. Usually, it will just pop up nicely. 

Anyway attachment 1 = the in-text citation

attachment 2= the references page

I’ve a feeling it’s the database that provided me with the referencing. But then, how come there is no problem with the references page

You have two references where Golec de Zavala is listed as the first author.  Presumably this is the same person?  If so you might check the Author field in the record generating the Agnieszka  Golec de Zavala  citation as there’s something like a blank space which is causing EndNote to treat this as being the work of a different author.


If you can’t locate the difference try copying and pasting the author’s name from the other record which generates the correct citation.

Ah okay. Wow, sometimes it’s difficult to see the space! It works now.

Thank you!