In-text citation appears incorrectly


I am currently using EndNote X8.  It works well for me except for the odd reference or two. 

I wish a particular reference to appear as Clandinin & Connelly (2000) in the written text. 

To do this I use the  “Insert and Display as: Author (year)” option and what results is the following, D J Clandinin and Connelly (2000) each time.  The initials must not be there.

I have tried  re-writing and entering, removing and re-adding the reference  to and from my library on many occasions to no avail.  Is there a way to fix this please?  Many thanks.


 This is because publishers want you to distinguish two different authors with the same surname, and Endnote is interpreting your records as having two different authors with the same surname.  This is the result of citing two different records with that first author, which are entered into your records, slightly differently.  If you copy one of them into the other record, so they are exactly the same, you should stop getting the initials.  There are others ways to fix it, but then you would contravene the first requirement if you did have different authors with the same surname.  

Dear Leanne

Thank you so much for this.  It is now rectified.