In-text citation style

How can one change the formatting of a single citation in the text?

Problem: I am writing an article using e.g. the J.Chem.Phys. style, that means references appear as [12] etc. in the text. Is it possible to except some citations from this style and just leave them as plain text. The aim is something like the following: “…the authors of ref. 12 state that…”. Unfortunately, I did not find a way to get permanently rid of the brackets…

I do not think you can override the Endnote’s in-text formatting in the way you described.

I would revise text instead, like “XXXX et al. stated that …[12]”, if that doesn’t destroy the context.

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I think that Myoshigi provides the best answer, which provides additional information for the reader, or So and so and colleagues…  The only other option is to write what you want and make the reference itself, hidden text.  However, it won’t change automatically to ref. 13, if you inserted a new reference which would be numbered 1-12, obviously.