How can I change in "In-text citation" from style [1, 3, 4] into [1], [3], [4]


I want to change In-text citations from style like that [1, 3, 4] into [1], [3], [4].

I tried to modifiy in output style -> edit  ***.ens -> citation-> in text citations template as [Biliography Number], then in-text citation will be like [1, 3, 4]. I want to change it into style like [1], [3], [4]. How to do that?


You’ll need to insert each citation individually. Start by inserting the first citation then manually type-in a comma before inserting the next citation. Continue until all 3 citations have been inserted to achieve the effect: [1], [3], [4].

I can do that. Thank you

Thank you so much