How can I completely remove brackets from citations in text?

Is it possible to completely remove brackets from citations?

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All the time?  Just Edit the style Citation template to remove them.  (Edit>Output Styles>edit “your chosen output style”.  Remember if it is an installed style, to save it to a new name and to switch your manuscript to use the edited style. 

Only some of the time?  – the only way is to remove them from the template as above - and include them around your citations manually, when you want them there.   

No, I would like to do it just for one single citation once in the text…I guess it is not possible to do this with endnote? Why can I not press the button “Exclude brackets” when there’s a button for “Exclude author” and “Exclude year”? This is so frustrating. If I enter the citation manually in the text, it doesn’t appear in the reference list :frowning:

The best way to accomplish this once off, is to hide both the author and the year from the edit citation dialog and type what ever you want to appear in the text.  I suggest copying the part of the contents of the field outside the brackets first (it doesn’t bring the “field” info if you don’t including the parentheses) and then edit the citation field (via the dialog menu) if you don’t trust your typing.

I am not a associated with Endnote, but it really isn’t just a simple request for the developers to just add that rarely requested functionality!

Thanks a lot, this is a good solution for my problem. :smiley:

Thanks for the info that it’s not easy to add that functionality…I thought it would be!!

Thanks for the solution. However it is not really satisfying for I do need citations without brackets quite often (something like “… according to Smith, 1991…” just doesn’t work with brackets). So I plead for implementing this function along with the author and year removal switch in Endnote versions to come.

You should look at ENX5, which now has the ability to use either (Author, Year) or Author (Year) so now with the other variations of citation editing can  automate the sentences:

Georg et al (1919) have shown that referencing style requests are a ever evolving complication (as reviewed in Thomson and Reuters, 2011). 

You might even beable to edit the Author (Year) option in the style to achieve Author, Year instead, but not both Author (Year) and Author, Year in the same style, without hiding the year entirely though and typing it in. 

Great to see this function finally included in EndNote (X5)

I asked if this could be included back in EndNote 3, and that is not X3 but V3 for Windows 3.1

Its been a long wait!

I want to remove parentheses/brackets from all my citations but the option to edit my output style in this manner is not available using Endnote Web CWYW Word 2011 on mac.

Any suggestions?

The administrator controls the styles that are loaded in EndNote Web. If it is something others at your institution would want to do, then negotiate with the administrator to load a new style.

Otherwise, I suggest work in EndNote Web for your research & writing using any style, but swap to the desktop client for the final version. You can change the document from EndNote Web to the Desktop client (EndNote X5 > Preferences > Application). Then you can change the document to use your own edited style without brackets before submission.