In-text citation versus bibliography reference with suffix


I am trying to insert an in-text citation for an author who has Jr as a suffix to his name. The reference in Endnote has him with the Jr but my understanding is that in-text citations only require the surname. I’ve tried editing the reference but it seems as if I can only have it one way or the other. Is there anyway to edit a reference so that the in-text citation lists just the surname (no suffix) but the bibliography lists the full surname + suffix? (e.g. in-text citation (Hazel 1997) bibliography Hazel Jr, Gregory. 1997. _How to correctly Cite _etc.)



EndNote does not currently have built-in functionality which would automatically suppress a name suffix within your formatted in-text citations - this is a great suggestion, and I’ll be certain that it has been logged with Development.  I can suggest a couple of workarounds, but the easiest solution would probably be to not include the name suffix within your EndNote library record, remove field codes from your Word document after final formatting, and manually add the author suffix information to the formatted bibliography at the end of your document.  

In terms of semi-automated workarounds:

1.  You could insert your citation with the normal workflow, then use the Edit & Manage Citations command to customize the in-text citation to exclude the author information.  Along with excluding the author information, you would type the author surname alone within the Prefix: field on this window.  

2.  We could designate a field within your EndNote library, separate from the author field, to store name suffix information.  We could then edit your output style to exclude the suffix field within your in-text citation template, and modify your bibliography templates to include both the Author and suffix fields to always display complete author names.

Please let me know if you’d like assistance with either of the workarounds mentioned above.


just getting around to reading your reply. Many thanks. Glad to hear it will be logged with the Developers. 

After posting the query and further playing around with options I worked out I could amend the reference and then update the bibilographical details. Which is the easiest option you suggest below. 

The only problem is when working with drafts. I have to keep a separate table of the manual amendments and ensure I go back in the final version (which won’t be ready for several months) to make sure I update the bibliography. 

It would be great  if the Developers could automate it. 

Many thanks! 

I just checked my version of EndnoteX8 and Jr is correctly handled according to APA standards.

It is entered in the record as Baldwin, A. S., Jr. 

cited (Baldwin, 1996)


Baldwin, A.S., Jr. (1996). The NF-kappa B and I kappa B proteins: new discoveries and insights. Annu Rev Immunol 14, 649-683.